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Fair - Trade & Organic Coffee

Kaffmandu - "Coffee With A Conscience"

Fair trade is a system of exchange which honors coffee farmers, their villages and their lands. The Fair Trade Federation works with farmers to promote sustainable and healthy (pesticide-free) farming practices, to establish pricing that supports a living wage for farmers and farm communities, and to improve quality of life through self-reliance and pursuit of human rights for all. Kaffmandu Coffee House firmly believes that consumers who drink fair trade coffee are participating in socially just and environmentally responsible practices with every sip.


♥ Kaffman’s Espresso: Italian Robust, Mexican and Sumatran French Roast — Smooth as Silk!!



♥ Oniontown: Our darkest roast -“Cup of Smoke”  When properly roasted, the characteristically intense “burnt sugar” flavor, clean finish and smoky bittersweet aroma combines in a truly sensational cup!!  Sumatran French Roast and 25% Ethiopian beans

♥ Buddha’s Dream:  100% Sumatran French Roast — Beans from Indonesia that offer up a deep, earthy, full-bodied brew with lower acidity. Intriguing!

♥ Himalayan Brew: A blend of powerful Robusta and sweet Timor Arabica beans with the highest caffeine content of any organic coffee.

♥Annapurna Express: High mountain beans from Indonesia, Timor and Papua-New Guinea which results in a dark-medium bodied coffee with a spicy-smoky flavor. Grown in volcanic soil. Eye Opening!!

♥ Kaffmandu Roast: A blend of Nicaraguan and Mexican beans that create this delicious, “high test”, moderately acidic coffee for your daily trek!!

♥ Holiday Blend: A heart-warming blend consisting of Robust Timor, Nicaraguan French Roast, and Sumatran French Roast beans that come together to bring holiday cheer all season long. Blend is only available month of December.

♥ Anniversary Blend:A signature blend of Timor and Ethiopian beans; a smoky and robust punch with fruity aroma with a lingering finish will leave your taste buds dancing! Blend is only available month of February.


♥ Shanti’s House Blend: A special blend that is the union result of an effortlessly smooth, daringly delicious cup of coffee. Most flavorful Arabica and Sumatran beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico that are carefully blended and roasted.


♥ Decaf Peruvian French Roast: Aromatic Central American Arabica beans brings a full bodied and flavorful dark, decaf coffee. It is indeed the best tasting “French Roast Dark Decaf” in the world.

FLAVORED BEANS: Flavor is already infused in the beans– no syrups needed…

Hazelnut, Caramel, English Toffee, Snickerdoodle, Maple Walnut, Banana Foster, Peppermint Patty, Almond Joy, Coconut, Vanilla, Jamaican me Crazy, Mudslide, Heath Bar, White Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan

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